Unescapable Derby – Edith

After having heard/read many good things about this escape room room, I thought I would go to Derby to check it out. I’ve not done one for a while and I have been missing some scares. This was no ordinary scary escape room. Edith takes it to the next level and combines tricky puzzles, padlocks […]

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Who Are We?

You may have liked our page or followed us on Instagram or even both, all of whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts, but not many of you will know who we are or what the point of Parks, Scares and Glitter is. Lets go back to when Amber and I met. We […]

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Full Screams Ahead!

2018 is a packed year for both scare fans and theme park fans. With so many different new things happening, we thought we would share a whopping 8 things we are excited about this year. But we are going to also keep it simple and keep it UK based.   Wicker Man – Alton Towers […]

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