Other Pages/Bloggers

We thought we would create a list of recommend pages to follow, both theme park and scare related.


The grand parents of the UK scare reviewers. These people are addicted to all things scare and know their shit. Check them out Here


For all UK Merlin news, there is no one we trust more than these guys. (Plus Dom was part of the team). These guys have great coverage, great photo’s and an awesome community, but we are biased. Check them out Here

Scareflix and Thrill

This is a great review blog to follow. The guy behind it is a quirky viking and his reviews are so on point. Plus he’s good friends with us, so would be rude for us not to mention this guy! Check him out Here

Cupcakes & Coasters

A theme park blog by the lovely Jordan Middleton. She knows her stuff when it comes to coasters. Check her out Here


The wonderfully scary guys and girls at ScareTRACK are the UK’s best podcast for all things scare attractions. Check out their latest podcast Here


These two lovely people are vloggers. They have also acted in a number of scare attractions. Check out their vlogs Here

Once Upon A Coaster

These wonderful musings of this lovely lady have helped me through my life in the past few years and finally she has started a blog of her own. Check her wonderful blog Here!